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              We will offer the opportunities to those who want to do things, the stage to those who have the ability to do things, and the status to those who can achieve excellent results.

              Talents with dreams and enthusiasm

              With open mind and professional knowledge

              Challenging talents develop together。


              We have attractive pay policy and encouragement mode, " five insurance" and commercial insurance, which will make you have no worries.

              Our company will offer employees many benefits, such as free commuter bus, free accommodation, annual travel, year-end bonus, traditional holiday benefits, and birthday benefits.

              • Pay policy

              • Encouragement mode

              • Five insurance

              • Labour union/Worker union

              • Culture activity

              • Dormitory

              • Annual travel

              • Holiday benefits

              Welfare treatment

              Facing challenges, try your best to create miracle in your life.

              Be grateful to others, be restrained to yourself, be hard-working to work, and be cherish to things

              TALENTS WANTEND

              We will provide you generous remuneration and perfect benefits, and remove your worries. We are looking forward to your add!


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